This is a list of quotes Kojirō is heard saying in the series.

Screenshot 55Gameplay QuotesEdit

  • "I will give you all a beautiful end."
  • "Are you excited at the chance to be slain by me?"
  • "My blade shall relieve you of this tired life."
  • "I'll kill you in ways you never imagined."
  • "Ahh... The killing has begun, I shiver in anticipation."
  • "I'll look forward to slaying you the next time we meet."
  • "You wouldn't have been worth the stain on my blade."
  • "Don't get too close, I'd hate to get your entrails on my beautiful blade." ~Taunt
  • "Hmph, does this mean I don't get to kill anymore?"
  • "Just promise me they'll be plenty of fools to slaughter."
  • "Me and my blade lust for blood."
  • "Sorry I'm late everyone, I didn't miss anything good did I?"
  • "Just hold them at bay for now."
  • "Gather around me my minions!"
  • "Go forth. Slice and dice!"
  • "You're tying me up? How quaint."
  • "My, you're quite strong. I'm getting goosebumps."
  • "Your life is in my hands."
  • "Tsubame Gaeshi!"
  • "A beautiful end."
  • "There are so many more fools who need cutting down."
  • "Wake me up when the fighting starts."
  • "Finally..."
  • "Try again, and I'll give you the greatest gift- a beautiful end."
  • "I didn't think it was possible but I just keep getting better."
  • "You're all lucky I wasn't trying."

Screenshot 57Musuo QuotesEdit

  • "Taste my blade!" ~Musou Attack
  • "Time for pain!!" ~True Musou Attack
  • "It feels so nice..." ~True Musou Attack (Finish)