Nagamasa Azai
Nagamasa Azai SW4 Artwork
Character information
Clan(s)/Alliance(s): Azai
Weapon Type: Lance
Significant Battle(s): Kanegasaki
Odani Castle
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Nagamasa Azai (浅井 長政)first appeared in Samurai Warriors as a unique generic who has his own in-game cutscenes and quotes. He became a playable character in Samurai Warriors 2. He is often seen fighting against the Oda clan and also sometimes alongside them. Nagamasa wields a Lance throughout the series.

Role in GamesEdit

Character InformationEdit

Voice ActorsEdit

  • Skip Stellrecht - Samurai Warriors (English)
  • Jason Moran - Samurai Warriors 2 (English)
  • Spike Spencer - Samurai Warriors 3 (English)
  • Takayuki Sasada - Samurai Warriors (Japanese)
  • Hiroshi Kamiya - Samurai Warriors series (Japanese)


  • "Faith shall lead the way forward!"
  • "In battle, one must heed to one's beliefs."
  • "In the name of all that is good and right!"
  • "I will play for honor and love!"
  • "You mangy curs that prey on the innocent! Face me!"
  • "Wow, Lady Nō really is stunning. I wonder if I can get a dress like that commissioned for Oichi..."
  • "Look out, a bandit!"
  • "I pledge my faith to those who believe in me!"