Okehazama SW4
Character information
First appeared: Samurai Warriors
Results: Oda victory
Oda Imagawa
Nobunaga Oda Yoshimoto Imagawa
Ieyasu Tokugawa
 Okehazama is Nobunaga Oda's very first battle which determined the future of his clan. The Oda army face off against the large forces of the Imagawa led by Yoshimoto Imagawa

Role in the SeriesEdit

Samurai WarriorsEdit

In Samurai Warriors, Okehazama is the Oda's very first battle in which they are greatly outnumbered by the Imagawa. The Oda have to keep the Imagawa busy whilst Hideyoshi Hashiba finds a way to ambush the Imagawa main camp.

During the Tokugawa's viewpoint of the stage, the stage marks as the independence of the clan, thus Ieyasu Tokugawa orders Hanzō Hattori to locate the Imagawa main camp and assassinate Yoshimoto Imagawa before the Oda manages to ambush the camp first.

Samurai Warriors 2Edit

Though Okehazama is only mentioned in the main game, the stage makes a return in the Xtreme Legends expansion. During the stage similiar to the first game, the Oda clan must keep the Imagawa clan busy whilst Hideyoshi Hashiba finds a hidden route to the Imagawa main camp. Whilst doing so Katsuie Shibata mentors Toshiie Maeda during the sbattle, whilst attacking the Washizu and Marune garrisons. If the Oda successfully manages to ambush the Imagawa main camp without being discovered, Ieyasu Tokugawa and his officers will defect to the Oda army.

Samurai Warriors 3Edit

In Samurai Warriors 3, the battle of Okehazama remains unchanged, except that Yoshimoto Imagawa will try to escape after the Oda's ambush. During Nagamasa Azai's story mode alongside the rest of the Azai army, join the battle in order to aid the Oda against the larger Imagawa army. During this stage, Nagamasa gets to meet Oichi for the first time.

Samurai Warriors 4Edit

In Samurai Warriors 4, the battle of Okehazama is the first stage for the Oda and Tokugawa stories. Like previous titles, the Oda army must first clear a lightly guarded route leading to Yoshimoto Imagawa's main camp. During the Tokugawa's version of the stage, the Tokugawa clan help the remaining Imagawa officers escape the confusion after the Oda's successful ambush on the Imagawa's main camp, which also resulted in Yoshimoto being slain. After the battle, Naotora Ii inherits the Ii clan after her father's death during the battle.