Samurai Warriors
Samurai Warriors cover
Release Date PS2 version:
Japan: February 11, 2006
America: May 6, 2006
Europe: June 25, 2006
America: July 13, 2006
Europe: September 24, 2006
Game Mode Single player, Multiplayer
Platform(s) PS2
Samurai Warriors or Sengoku Musou is the first game in the Samurai Warriors series that is a spinoff of another Koei Dynasty Warriors. Samurai Warriors finds its setting in the Warring States period of Japan during the Sengoku Period. The game was planned to be dark and grim to set the mood for Nobunaga's time in power.


Story ModeEdit

In this mode the player selects a character, and play through a series of game stages for that character. Five characters are initially available, but when their scenarios are cleared, more characters will appear. Two player co-op play is available in this mode.

Free ModeEdit

In this mode play any previously cleared game stage with the character of the player's choice. Two player co-op play is available in this mode.

Survival ModeEdit

In this mode play through an indoor castle stages, and attempt to set records for floors cleared, KO's, ect. The stage maps will change every time the mode is played as a result of the game's Auto Formation System (AFS). Survival Mode has two courses.

Abyss - Head down to the depths of the earth, where qa mystery character awaits.

Tower - Attempt to clear as many floors as possible within the time given.

Challenge ModeEdit

Play the training exercises introduced in New Officer Mode and attempt to set new records. Select the character and training exercise of the player's choice.

  • Melee - Get as many enemy KOs as you can
  • Musou - Defeat enemies using only the Musou Attack
  • Combo - Get the longest combo attack possible
  • Archery - Defeat oncoming enemies using only Ranged Attacks
  • Deflect - Defeat enemies by deflecting arrows
  • Burst - Reach the destination point as quickly as possible
  • Riding - Get through the course on your steed as quickly as possible

New Officer ModeEdit

In this mode the play can create and develop your own original character. Character abilities will change as they are developed. Up to fifteen characters can be created.



Non - PlayableEdit


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