Samurai Warriors: Spirit of Sanada
SWSM PS4 Cover
Release Date JP: November 23 2016
US: 2017
EU: 2017
Game Mode Single Player
Platform(s) Playstation 3
PlayStation 4
PlayStation Vita
Samurai Warriors: Spirit of Sanada (戦国無双 ~真田丸~) or Sengoku Musou: SanadaMaru is a spin-off Samurai Warriors 4, which focuses on the Sanada clan. The game released on November 23rd in 2016 and will release sometime in 2017 in the US and Europe.

Modes Edit

Story Mode Edit

The game focuses on events surrounding the Sanada clan, ranging from a time period with the Takeda clan up till the events of Osaka Castle. New to the series, certain characters will age over the course of the story.

Also new to the series, a village town is available for the player to freely roam. Various mini-game activities are also new features to the series, these include farming in which the player gets to harvest goods to use in-game. Fishing, in which the player can use various types of bait in order to get different types of fish. Jizō Shrine, in which the player can leave an offering of his choice and after each battle a blessing of up to three materials can be obtained. Characters can also interact and build relationships with other characters found in the village by giving them gifts. After a level meter is filled, some characters may even accompany the player throughout a battle and exploration. Advancing through the story unlocks more facilities to be used in the village.

Unlike previous titles, the game has three different types of battles the player can participate in. Multi-Stage battles are story related and need to be completed in order to advance the story. Secondary battles are battles that do not surround the protagonists of the story but rather focuses on other battles happening during the same time-span of the story. Exploration is a battle in which characters can roam to collect materials and complete side-quests. As the story progress's more exploration areas can be unlocked for the player to explore.

Characters Edit

The cast from Samurai Warriors 4-II, returns with the following new characters.

Younger and older versions of certain characters are listed as individual characters with unique move-sets, rather then being set as different costumes.