Samurai Warriors 4
SM4 Cover
Release Date JP: 20 March

EU: October 24, 2014
US: October 21, 2014

Game Mode Single Player
Platform(s) PlayStation 3
PlayStation 4
PlayStation Vita
Samurai Warriors 4 (戦国無双4) or Sengoku Musou 4 is the fourth main title released in March 20th 2014 in Japan. The game was released in October 21st in the US and 24th in Europe. This is the first Samurai Warriors game to be released on the PlayStation 4 platform 


Story ModeEdit

Story Mode has been changed to be an overview world map of Japan, similar to that of Empires mode. It is dived between individual clans and regions which focuses on the most successful clan of that said region. These are:

One of the newest tweaks of this game's Story mode is that the player has the ability to select which character to use in the mode's stages. The player also has the ability to choose up to two characters, in which some feature character-specific objectives.

Chronicle ModeEdit

Similar to the Chronicle spin-off games, this mode let's the player create his own warrior and play as a mercenary and fulfill various job offers. This mode offers the player to interact with other characters in the game and develop friendships and rivalries with each other. By doing so, the respectful character will be able to help the player during the mode.

In this mode the player can also unlock new customization parts for his warriors, as well as items to carry around in battle via the shop. Some armor can only be purchased from wondering merchants around the map.

Musashi Miyamoto, Kojirō Sasaki, Okuni and Goemon Ishikawa are only unlocked in this mode, but can also be used in other modes, excluding the Story Mode.




Expansions/Spin-off's Edit