This page serves to give an idea on how to write articles so they are consistent with many of the similar articles.

Starting a new articleEdit

When starting an new article please list the following headings:

  • Role in the games
  • Character information
    • Vioce Actors
    • Quotes
    • Weapons
    • Titles
  • History
  • Gallery

It is fine to leave some information out, just as long at least one paragraph is typed in the 'Role in games' and/or 'Character Information' headings. Please do not invent and/or troll on pages, doing so will result in a warning and/or ban.

Role in the gamesEdit

For this heading write down the role of your character in the games. (Samurai Warriors, Samurai Warriors Xtreme Legends, Samurai Warriors 2 ect....) When writing the name of a game always put it in Italic format. Also don't forget to link pages and you only have to link once ex.Yukimura fought at Nagashino (link Nagashino). After the battle of Nagashino (do not link again).

Character informationEdit

For this heading list down the voice actors in bullet form. There is no need to link the game the voice actor acted in. After Vioce Actors put down Quotes and in bullet form list down any quotes you are familier with. Always start puting quotes from the oldest game first. After Quotes put Weapons. For weapons list the weapons in a table. The table's width needs to be 200px and the image 150px, including two colums and the number of weapons that the character has in the game. In the first colum put the Image of the weapon and in the second put the name and make it in bold and center it. After Weapons, inster a Titles sub-heading. Write the level in bold but not the title.


When writing information please don't copy/paste information from wikipedea, as wikipedea is not the most reliable source. Do not write fictional events. If you're having trouble finding information go to samurai archives and see information from there. DO NOT COPY/PASTE information from the web-site as it is copyrighted instead try to make it in your own words and list your source. If you'll copy/paste information from the site you will get a warning, doing so again and again may result in a ban.


To add a gallery always add render and artwork images. Personal or other people's fanart are not allowed. If you want to show your fanart feel free to add them on your user page or start a blog post on the wiki.