Takatora Tōdō
Takatora Todo SW4 artwork
Character information
Clan(s)/Alliance(s): Azai
Weapon Type: Rapier
Significant Battle(s): Osaka Castle
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Takatora Tōdō is first introduced in the Nintendo 3DS game Sengoku Musou Chronicle 2. His first introduction into a main game was in Samurai Warriors 4.

Role in the seriesEdit

Before receiving a unique appearance, Takatori is mostly seen fighting alongside the Tokugawa. In Samurai Warriors 2, he is seen as Hidetada Tokugawa's advisor at Ueda Castle.

In Sengoku Musou Chronicle 2, Takatora is is introduced as a man with a chilly appearance. He also appears to be loyal and enthusiastic to his lords. He first loyally serves Nagamasa Azai although their friendship may not last long.

In Samurai Warriors 4 whilst serving the Azai in his early career, Takatora also befriends Yoshitsugu Ōtani.

Character InformationEdit

Voice ActorsEdit

  • Masaya Matsukaze - Sengoku Musou Chronicle 2nd (Japanese)