Yoshitsugu Ōtani
Yoshitsugu Otani artwork
Character information
Clan(s)/Alliance(s): Azai
Weapon Type: Saihai
Significant Battle(s): Shizugatake
Odawara Castle
First appearance: Samurai Warriors 4

Yoshitsugu Ōtani is first uniquely introduced in Samurai Warriors 4. He is a loyal Toyotomi general up till Sekigahara. In the fourth title his career starts with the Azai.

Role in the seriesEdit

As a generic officer in the first three titles, Yoshitsugu is seen serving the Toyotomi from Hideyoshi Toyotomi's rule up till the events of Sekigahara.

In Samurai Warriors 4 Yoshitsugu starts off serving the Azai, helping the Oda reach Kyoto. After Nagamasa Azai betray's the Oda, against all odds both Yoshitsugu and his ally and friend Takatora Tōdō stay with Nagamasa up till the siege of Odani. After the Azai's demise Yoshitsugu and Takatora part ways with their friendship still intact.

After the demise of the Azai, Yoshitsugu joins Hideyoshi's army and participates in his campaigns against the Mōri. After the Incident at Honnoji, Yoshitsugu supports Hideyoshi against the Akechi at Yamazaki.

Character informaionEdit

Voice ActorsEdit

  • Satoshi Hino - Samurai Warriors 4