This is a list of quotes Yukimura is heard saying in the series.

Screenshot 55Gameplay QuotesEdit

  • "No enemy shall ever surpass me!"
  • "Yukimura Sanada returns to battle!"
  • "Witness the might of the Sanada!"
  • "Yukimura Sanada will not let you pass."
  • "Here I come!"
  • "For your soul!"
  • "My body may perish... But never my spirit!"
  • "My warriors spirit burns with the flame of justice!"
  • "My will shall prevail!"
  • "Determination breeds victory!"
  • "With this blow... I shall seal your fate!"
  • "Come back and try again later! I shall be waiting for you!"
  • "Spirit of the Sanada! Imbue my spear with power so I can cut open the belly of the beast!"
  • "My spirit burns"
  • "Osaka Castle is beyond salvation."
  • "Fear not. Your defeat is an honorable one."
  • "My spirit soars without bound."

Screenshot 57True Musuo QuotesEdit

  • Start-"With this blow!"
  • End-"I shall seal your faith!"
  • "My path is clear."

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